Why Teach Your Dog Obedience?

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A calm dog is a happy dog

Obedience helps to develop a calm dog because dogs tend to be active predators and our jobs as dog owners is that when we have them in our home, we want them calm. Not anxious, protective, fearful or flying off the walls. Ideally, we want to teach the dog there is a time and place to get your energy out, just not in the home. By teaching them to calm themselves down. You start to change a lot of their old habits as well as establish overall behaviors that you favor/want in the home. Our PetcareMD CBD Oil also helps with dogs that may be prone to hyperactivity too.

A dog that is obedient is able to have access to more places in public

Now that the dog has developed more control of itself and is following your guidance. You have the opportunity to have your dog joins on more adventures or events. You can have your dog go with you into the city, go to sporting events, go to a picnic, go to Home Depot-Lowes-dog stores without any worries or focusing on the dog the majority of the time.

Helping the dog develop more emotional control and stability

Great for reactive dogs, anxious dogs, fearful dogs, and dogs with negative compulsive habits. Obedience forces them to focus their attention instead of creating habit loops or always engaging in self-stimulating behaviors. It can truly help to put their mind at ease.

Your dog will become a respected and cherished member of the community

People will want to be around your dog can be welcomed at family functions will receive more affection and attention from the neighbourhood. Heck people will want YOU to start training their dog.

Your dog can even be a role model for other dog owners, dogs, and even kids

Showing children and young adults a respectful dog, teaches good responsible habits, raises the standard of dog ownership in the area, and is great for other dogs that react – showing that your dog is not interested shows their reactivity accomplishes nothing.

Your dog can bring therapy to others just by being present and in a command

Very obedient, calm and well-balanced dogs can even be therapy dogs for the elderly, children and children with disabilities.

Leadership and Guidance

It is our responsibility to teach our dogs how to navigate our world because they live in it. Their world is already understood and we see it when dogs coexist but dogs are territorial gregarious (meaning social)-predators to their core and it will never change. Teaching obedience can help to establish more of an understood relationship the dog has with you or anyone else involved in the family. Because the dog is literally learning who to listen to, whom to follow, and who can be fit to lead in the eyes of the dog. After all, this is what most dogs are looking for and when they don’t get this they can assume the role as a leader and dictate resources or who enters the territory. This can also stress out a more submissive/fearful dog who feels the need to fill that role. With that, now control has been lost and the dog has taken into question who runs the environment. Dogs are naturally social predators that develop a hierarchical system. The dog’s natural instinct when living with humans is to look for leadership. Humans who do not honor, admit and satisfy the animal’s natural instincts can create a dog who is often unstable, untrustworthy, unhappy or worse aggressive. This is why it is so important to have boundaries in the home, which obedience can help to supplement!

More control = less stress!

Now, you are able to bring your dog anywhere and not have to keep an eye on them 24/7. Another added bonus and as basic as it sounds you’d be surprised how many dog owners don’t have…is your dog listening to you!!

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