The Four Steps of Training Your Dog

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These are the four steps in the process your dog goes through when it learns a new command. Once you have completed these four steps, your dog will understand the very basics of what is being asked. Always try to set the dog up for success early on in training. We will only say the command once to get them into position; but once they are we will say ”good,” followed by the command they are in multiple times to communicate to them that they are doing what we want and we want them to keep doing it. As the dog shows more fluency and is performing the command often without hesitation and you are able to get them to hold commands while at the end of your leash, then you may start introducing distractions. If your dog seems to be breaking commands often, you may need to take a few steps back in their training, even if we are guilty of pushing a dog too far too fast.

Showing – Teaching your dog the command.

Fluency – Dog shows 8/10 times the command is known. Now that it is known then you may introduce corrections to your dog if they are the type that needs a correction.

Generalizing – Practice the command everywhere, using distance between you and the dog, the duration of the command, and distractions.

Always – Always be consistent with training, this will ensure that your dog always knows what is being asked of them.

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