CBD – What kinds of dogs could this help?

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Rescue and Shelter Dogs

These dogs are always coming from a stressful situation and there really is no way around it. Some dogs are rescued from living on the street, being removed from an abuseful or neglectful situation or just the overall stress of a crowded or busy shelter. With all that stress and neglect their immune and nervous system takes a massive hit while trying to keep them healthy. By changing their environment and giving CBD. They start to get on the path to a stable mind, body and well-being!

Small Dogs

Little dogs tend to be in a constant state of stress due to the overwhelming intimidation the world can bring. It’s not easy being small! From guests to other dogs, everything can seem to be a possible danger. Our little dogs also tend to bond very closely with us so being apart is also another ordeal that they can struggle with.

Big Dogs

Just like active dogs, big dogs are also prone to early signs of arthritis because of their heavy weight and tendencies to be larger than the average dog. Our deliberate efforts to breed large dogs have become a gift and a curse. With sometimes short life spans and again, excess stress on their joints, it can be painful and difficult to bear witness.

Old Dogs

By far, some of the dogs that can benefit immensely from our products are old dogs. This is because in their old age, their brain and body need all the help it can get! Their immune system is not only working overtime but it lessens in its ability and effectiveness. Which is why CBD serves such a great treatment because it helps their bodies’ major health systems. In fact, it’s possible to even have such vast results with CBD that their life is not only lengthened but their playful and energetic attitude comes back out.

Active Dogs

Active dogs have some of the highest demands on their body to perform. In doing so, they put excess stress on joints and ligaments. While it is great to exercise, participate in a dog sport, hike or even play fetch. It can be taxing on our dogs overall mobility and health. Dogs naturally don’t hold back on their effort when chasing or giving it their all so it is hard to limit their performance. Help them recover and prevent early degeneration by giving them a supplement that works!

Dogs with no problems…

What about the average dog? With no health problems, not overly active, and not really stressed? Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk so they are unable to communicate what may be bothering them. A lot of the time dogs internalize their pain and won’t show obvious signs. They also can suffer from gastrointestinal problems (stomach problems) which can affect their mood, emotional threshold and their overall health. So don’t let their smile fool you, they can still benefit from our products!

Now that you have an idea of how this could help your dog, continue reading to know all there is about CBD, how it works, and how you can apply it! This way you will become knowledgeable to form your own opinion and decide for yourself where and how you could use it or even recommend it.

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