CBD – How Do I Know My Pet Needs It?

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For our pets, many health problems can be all too common and all too unwanted. For others the problems can be acute, severe or related to their behavior. Whatever the ailment, CBD can help to influence the systems that will work to correct the problem, relieve pain, eliminate symptoms and even cure in some instances. Since the ECS (endocannabinoid system) affects so many parts of the body and brain.

There really is no limit to what it can do for our dogs and this even includes healthy dogs! Often, we don’t know what is bothering our dogs and your dog may be masking or internalizing any signs of discomfort until it has become a serious issue. The most common health issues that are or can be treated with CBD are and not limited to; epilepsy and seizures, tremors or muscle trembling, arthritis, pain relief, inflammation, cancer, autoimmune problems, stressful situations like long flights or car rides, nausea, and especially cardiovascular health for an active dog. Even with all the health issues listed above it still doesn’t cover everything that CBD can have a positive effect on, the list is too long and we still don’t know how much more it can actually help!

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